Corum Bubble Skull Gold edition


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Промо цена: 349,90 лв

Часовник Corum Bubble Skull Gold edition

Още от създаването си през 1955 година, швейцарската часовникарска компания Corum се слави със своята новаторска манифактура.Дизайнерската марка часовници  се отличават с уникален и модерен дизайн. Разпознаваеми и масивни часовници подходящи за тези, които искат да бъдат забелязани. 
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Corum Bubble Skull Gold edition

With a unique bulb shape, large and thick, full of distortions and which would go on to play a major role in the brand’s recent history. It seems that what is now the main cool factor of these older versions, meaning the countless and all unexpected limited to unique editions. This new Corum Bubble is based on the larger model, meaning a 47mm case – don’t be scared by the diameter, it actually wears much smaller than what the specs say.The main attraction of the Corum Bubble, which also explains its name, is the massive (really massive), highly domed sapphire crystal on top of the dial, which might be at least 6 or 7mm thick and creates a rounded bulb on top of the watch. 


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